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 · When you go to the list of people you follow, there''s a grid on the right hand corner with people''s portrait photos on there. That''s your tumblr crushes. It has percentages in the corners to see how much you''ve liked and reblogged them. Having someone as your

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See a recent post on Tumblr from @not-that-subtle about having-a-crush. Discover more posts about having-a-crush. Do I want to go ride all the rides our other friends are scared to go on and shriek like children as soon as we leave the ground but make a pact to ...

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crush suggestions for when you need them. (ask box closed while processing current ones!) Anonymous i would say the most effective way to show somebody is to tell them! honesty is always the best policy, though it''s often the hardest option. i hear you there ...

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 · Pretty much what the question asks. I have a Tumblr account, but I often hear people saying stuff about having a ''Tumblr Crush''. I have no idea what that is, can anyone explain what it is and how I can find it out or whatev? Thank you :)

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I''ve had a small tumblr crush on your for a while now.. Your posts always seem to make me smile and the pictures you post are adorable. I love the pictures you post of yourself mostly the ones where you smile because just seeing that picture on my dash makes me smile :) I always wanted to talk to you, but I never have the courage to..


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Tumblr crushes? same answer as other anon. Deal with it. @arrive-never @robotrash @get-rektx @mind-vacationGo follow them and have a super rad dash. I fixed the links. Okay. Cool. Bye

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See a recent post on Tumblr from @punklovingmen about gay-crush. Discover more posts about gay-crush. Me *wearing flannel and converse. Keeping thousands of pictures of Lauren Jauregui, Kristen Stewart, Cara Delavingne in a folder on my laptop.

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fatal-blow: hannahs-creations: hannahs-creations: Reblog and tag your tumblr platonic crushes! Let''s spread love to our favorite bloggers! Mine are @dawnoftheagez @jade-island-lives @franky-ts @leafgreen6 @dczwrites<3 love you, ladies! @fatal-blow (I don''t think I''ve tagged you yet) & @alucard52 are two more people i''ve never tagged that I''ve grown rather fond of.